Our Organization

In This Together Development Inc is a qualified 501c3 charitable organization serving the youth of Baltimore City.

Our mission is simple: to develop people, programs and resources that cater to underserved populations of young people in Baltimore City throughout the world.

In the summer of 2010, Michael Austin, native of Baltimore MD, embarked on a life changing experience into the heart of the streets of Durban South Africa. Mr. Austin was so moved by his revelations of the systemic failures of the cities’ treatment and neglect of a population of homeless kids labeled ‘street kids’, that he quickly began working with an organization called Umthombo, a local NGO dedicated to serving the needs of the street kids in Durban. As a native of Baltimore City, he recognized that the neglect of the children in his own city was also prevalent in Durban, South Africa, a few thousand miles away, and the similarities were striking.

It was this experience that fueled Mr. Austin’s drive to create an organization in Baltimore that could create avenues to help both the children of Baltimore and those of Durban, South Africa. Upon returning back to the US, Mr. Austin laid the foundation for the new organization, In This Together Development Inc. The nonprofit organization was incorporated in July of 2010 and received its 501c3 recognition in August 2010.